Making table placemats using natural dyes

Making table placemats using natural dyes
July 1, 2016 Life Interwoven
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One of our project’s objectives is to make and sell sustainable and eco-friendly products as much as possible. The main fibre that our artisans are familiar with is cotton. This fibre is used in Thailand for making traditional homewares and clothing.

Placemats are one of the items that has been a favourite of our customers. From our consumers feedback, they like them because they keep well after washing. We work with artisan weavers who make products to a high standard. Our placemats are 100% handmade products from cotton and they are natural dyed.

These days most fabrics, including placemats, are made with synthetic chemical dyes. At Life Interwoven our fibres are coloured with natural dyes. Most natural dyes are made from plants that are processed and sometimes fermented. The traditional skill of making natural dyes is now uncommon and only a few people still practise it. However it results in the most beautiful fabrics.

We recently received some beautiful new lime green placemats. So we would like to share with you how they have been dyed using natural dyes…

lime green table placemat

lime green table placemat

The 2 main colours of the placemats are green and brown. The green dye has been made by a blend of leaves from various plants that are boiled. Clean cotton yarn is then coloured in the water. The brown colour is made by boiling bark from a number of tree species. Cotton yarn is then dyed in the coloured water. The plants used include: Thai Copper Pod, Banana leaves, Orange Jasmine, the Broken Bones tree, Burma Padauk and the Rope Bark tree.


Once the yarns have been dyed they are dried and are then ready for weaving into beautiful fabrics. The end result are our fantastic placemats. Sustainable, natural and beautiful, perfect for your home.

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